See @jasonbosinoff or the blog for on-trip updates.


What are you doing?

I am hiking the 650-mile Southern California section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

I am fundraising to increase awareness about and to fight gastric cancer. The hike is self-funded. 100% of fundraising proceeds go to fight gastric cancer.

Learn more and find out why this cause is important to me:

Why are you doing this?

I am hiking the Southern California section of Pacific Crest Trail because it will be a great personal accomplishment. I will raise funds to support a cause I care about. I find myself again when I’m living a simpler life. It reduces my mental chatter. It’s what I’m made to do. I want an adventure. I want to re-evaluate what’s going on at work. I want a change of pace.

When I successfully hike, I will have even greater confidence. I will be more present. I will have raised money for an important cause. I will have accomplished something that’s been on my mind for years. I will have developed as a person. I will grow through hardship and risk. I will have more insight into myself and and my next life moves.


I’ll start at the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail, located at the Mexican border near Campo, CA. I’ll walk about 650 miles north to Walker Pass. I’ll head home after that and decide my next move.

What is your experience hiking?

In 2017 I hiked the John Muir Trail northbound, from Mt. Whitney (Horseshoe Meadows specifically) to Yosemite. In 2002 I bicycled across America from Boston to San Francisco. In 2003 I hiked to the summit of the tallest 115 mountains in New England and New York.

This SoCal PCT will be my longest hike, and it will stretch my abilities.

How are you training and preparing?

From past hikes like my 2017 John Muir Trail hike, I feel comfortable already with my gear and needs. For the PCT I’ve made a few changes and have done a few backpacking trips to test them out. The changes are to prepare specifically the PCT: preparing for colder nights, water filtration for nastier water sources, and safely storing food without a bear canister. See details for more information.

Getting an overuse injury like shin splints is a major risk. To prevent this I am conditioning myself. My goal is to start the hike already comfortable doing 15-20 miles with 3000-4000 elevation gain per day. I’ve been doing progressively larger hikes in the Bay Area as part of backpacking trips or as large day hikes.

How will you communicate on your hike?

I like taking photos, and I plan to use instagram and post with captions to @jasonbosinoff whenever I get signal. These will show up on the blog.